Future focus for the Queensland dairy industry.

The Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation State Council meeting last week saw the QDO Directors confirm the focus of QDO’s efforts on behalf of members for the year and really the rest of this board’s term.

Put simply the board will focus and a range of measures that focus on increasing member’s profitability while reducing members risk. While many may believe that was always QDO’S focus it was clearly articulated at this meeting. That focus does not mean a shift away from issues such as the market issues we have battled with for more than a decade, but it means incorporating other focal points that are relevant to risk or profitability.

This includes areas that range from direct action in the dairy market by directly influencing consumer buying behavior, to working to see to it that research activities and pursuant extension to farmers are improved and increased.

Working to develop better market options including the QDO fair milk Logo project which includes enhancing small processor/manufacturers which has funding from the state government will be part of the plan.  The plan will also include work on issues ranging from biosecurity to developing better and more cost-effective dairy cattle feed particularly high quality perennial tropical pasture which has received little effort for decades now.

QDO will also focus on developing the skills particularly leadership skills of the next generation of Queensland’s dairy farmers.  To do all this, some of the current work will need to be modified particularly if it does not have a direct relevance to improving profits or reducing risk for members in a significant or tangible way.

This will not mean a lessening of efforts to work with Government following the flawed ACCC report into the imbalance in the supply chain. What it will mean is a continuation of the work to make QDO a more influential efficient and cost-effective advocacy organisation for Queensland dairy farmers.

QDO President – Brian Tessman.