Shoppers are urged to support Woolies as they start the end of $1/L milk.


It is a day filled with joy in the dairy industry today as Woolworths ends the $1/L price war on milk. This is a war that has crippled the dairy industry for over 8 years.

This is a great move by Woolworths that Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO) and all dairy farmers strongly support. QDO is delighted that Woolworths has shown such leadership today. This signifies understanding, empathy and a social conscious that is so dearly lacking in other major companies. It will make a massive difference to the dairy farmers who supply Woolworths milk across Australia.

Particularly in the face of Coles’ blatant disrespect for the dairy industry in its refusal to increase its price, QDO asks all consumers to support Woolworths by shopping at Woolworths. Customers can be confident that any milk they buy in a Woolworths store will help dairy farmers. Woolworths deserves to be supported by all consumers for the great leadership they have shown on this crucial issue for dairy farmers.

Customers can be extremely confident that if the buy Woolworths branded milk that 10c/L will go back to farmers. Woolworths has a track record of ensuring every cent collected goes back to farmers after the highly successful and transparent drought levy that Woolworths have applied in Queensland and NSW for the past 5 months.

Finally, QDO pleads for all other retailers to follow the leadership shown by Woolworths and apply an additional 10c to all retailer branded milk with all proceeds to go directly back to farmers. If you walk into a shop and they still sell milk for $1/L, turn around and leave the shop and go to retailer than supports dairy farmers like Woolworths.

Today is a great day for all dairy farmers. Thank you to Woolworths for the understanding, empathy, social conscious and most importantly leadership you have demonstrated today. All dairy farmers say thank you.