QDO welcomes new Natural Resource Manager.

Tony Mills.jpg

In light of the major environmental disaster and public outcry over the Murray-Darling Basin, water quality and our responsibility to ensure healthy waterways is more important than ever. Farming practices have been widely blamed for much of the damage. Ongoing management, trialling new methods and providing advice and assistance to our industry members must be the responsibility of industry bodies like QDO, particularly when key heritage listed sites like the Great Barrier Reef are at stake.

 Last week, Tony Mills started in the role of Natural Resources Manager at QDO. Tony takes over the role and brings with him extensive knowledge and practical experience in Agriculture and Agribusiness. Starting in the Burnett-Mary region Tony will conclude the final phase of the 3-year Reef Alliance Project to reduce the sediment and nutrient load entering the Great Barrier Reef.

 Tony has worked with some of Northern Australia’s larger beef and sheep producers while being based in Quilpie and Charleville. He has also worked with producers across key agricultural areas in South-West Queensland, Mackay and the Coalfields, Northern Slopes and Plains of NSW and the Falkland Islands aiding them to deal with issues related to marketing, production and finance.

 While new to dairy, Tony has spent 30 years working in the agricultural sector working with businesses to realise their development and investment strategies. With a thorough understanding of a range of agribusinesses, the keys to profitability and sustainability and the challenges they may face, Tony is expected to make a significant impact on our members farms.

 In his role, Tony will work alongside farmers to implement a suite of on-farm services, which may include farm consultancy services, all aspects of farm finance and investment, recovery and resilience, nutrition services, agronomy services, such as Soil & Nutrient Management Planning, grazing management assistance and financial incentives for water quality risk management.

 Brian Tessmann – QDO President.